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WITH Goddess Funmilayo (JENNIFER L. HOLMES)

Spiritual Bath

Water is the fluid of Life. It is the universal solvent that is known to cleanse just about anything on a physical level. Religiously, water is used to cleanse the spirit like in Baptisms, christenings and cleansing ceremonies. As we learned from studying the Laws of energy, we know that what is within, is also without and what happens on the Macro scale, also happens on the micro scale, so taking spiritual baths is also a great way to energetically cleanse yourself, and a form of mindful and focused meditation. To start, cleanse your bathroom with the intentions that you are cleansing, not only dirt, but negative energies also. Prepare your bath water and add some herbs, sea salts and whatever crystal that holds the energy that you desire to transmit. Sage the bathroom along with your Journal and pen.

Sage is an energy stabilizer and it helps to keep the energies balanced, within yourself and your space. It helps to have a bath table or stool to keep your items while you are inside of the bathtub. After you and your items are cleansed, and the water is of appropriate temperature, get inside of the bathtub. Lay there for a while and just allow calmness to take over your mind, body and soul. After about 10 Minutes of meditation, take out your journal and write down a list of things you want to release and end it with “so mote it be” or “Ase” (They both basically mean, I said it, and it shall be.) Wash yourself with natural soap, and imagine that as you rinse off, the negative energy is being cleansed away, and as the water is going down the drain, imagine that everything unwanted, is going down the drain with the dirty water. Relax and Journal your thoughts.

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