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WITH Goddess Funmilayo (JENNIFER L. HOLMES)



My Journey to the Motherland

Posted on September 5, 2016 at 9:30 PM

The time has finally come for me to travel to Africa. I am full of mixed emotions and my mind is all over the place. first let me explain how difficult this process has been so far. It all began when A few Native African Coworkers of mine, knew how important it was for me to visit Africa, seeing as though I am always talking about the motherland and I even went as far as claiming full african, whenever I'm asked where i am from. It surprised me when i was invited by a co-worker, to go with her, to Africa for her parents anniversary party in September. Of course My first reaction was excitement as i screamed yes and gave her a huge hug. Although i knew i wanted to go, I didnt understand how much work and money goes into taking a trip to another continent but I was soon to see that this isnt a trip you can take unplanned. June came and i was ready to start the process. I had to first apply for my passport. Ive never traveled before and I was so excited to finally, at the age of 32, to be getting my passport. I wanted to go early because i didnt know exactly how long it would take to receive it after I applied. It cost me about $120.00, and although they estimated 4-6 weeks, my passport was in the mail after about 3 weeks.  you may be saying, " thats not so bad" but  trust me, that was the easy part. The summer was full of trials and tribulations, as I am still a single mother, faced with many struggles everyday. My Oldest son, chipped his tooth in the pool, My mother, who was supposed to come stay with the boys during my trip, was admitted to the hospital. My hours were cut at work, and I became behind on my bills. I was extremely stressed and unaware of how I was gonna pay for this trip to Africa, and find a baby sitter, get my sons school supplies, clothes, and my oldest sons tooth fixed. I didnt think I had any other choice but to cancel my plans to travel to Africa.  I was crushed and hurt, that after getting my hopes up high, that I  may never get another chance to visit Africa. I became a little depressed. You ever heard the saying that goes "The best way to make God laugh, is to tell him your plans"? I heard that in a movie before and I didnt quite understand it until now. In the beginning of August, a friend of mine called, and told me that they could notice, I wasn't vibrating at a high frequency. They said they noticed that I was attention seeking on social media and that my post were reflecting loneliness. maybe I was lonely, I mean I have been single for over two years and being a single mom was never in my plans. I didnt want to admit it, but he was right. I started giving up hope for not only this trip, but my dreams as well. I thought that from the looks of things, I will forever be in a cycle of working, taking care of my children alone, and being alone. My friend referred a book for me to read called The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho. It took me a few days to pick it up, but when I did, I returnd home from the book store to my power being off at my place, due to a tree falling on our power lines. Anything that can go wrong for me was going wrong. I couldnt charge my phone because for some reason it stopped charging and there was no way I would be able to pay for another 500$ phone. I was stressed out. sitting outside in my truck listening to the radio, I remembered the book that I just purchased sitting on my passenger seat. I picked up the book and started reading. I was so into this book, i didnt realize that I had been out in the car for three hours. My son came outside to tell me that the lights were back on and thats when I finally took my head out of the book. After my shower and cooking for the boys, I laid in bed and finished the book. The book was about a young man in search for his personal Legend. It reminded me that I wasnt a sheep and I didnt want to be stuck doing what I was doing every day, for the rest of my life. I wanted to travel and search for my own personal Legend. I remembered that i had some ideas in the past to start an online store, to make some extra money, since I'm always online anyways. I started searching the web and I found many great sites for wholesale buyers with great prices. I had to take a chance on myself I thought, and I took no time, ordering the items I wanted to sell.  I was extremely motivated after reading The Alchemist, that I even went and picked up the book called "The Secret" which completely changed my life. I found out about the Law of Attraction and how I can act as an Alchemist and turn pain into pleasure by just claiming what it was that I wanted. No lie, throughout the next few weeks I practiced the Law of attraction and began receiving extra money for bills, temporary medacaid for my son to fix his tooth, and By the grrace of the universe, my coworkers had came together and collected the money for my plane ticket. Remember earlier, I told you that my job cut my hours? well the days that I had off, was extactly the two weeks that my trip was planned for. My mother is now in a Rehab, safe and healthy, and my sister has requested to come stay in Atlanta for the month of september to help me with my boys. Talk abot magic. My store has been selling items every week which has helped me in a major way. I received some hardship trying to attain a visa to go to Nigeria. They charged me $180.00 to do the application online, seeing as though the nigerian embassy of Atlanta just happened to be shut down right now. I had so much trouble on the site, I purchased the wrong money order at rite aid and they wouldnt allow me to return it for a postal money order that nigeria requires. After I thought I finally sent in everything, they call me two days later stating that I would also need to send my bank statement showing over $1,000, a letter of invitation from someone in nigeria and a copy of their passport, another money order for $85.00 to expedite the proess, seeing as though I have exactly two weeks before my flight and a list of vaccines. They also charged me $96.00 to process the application, and I had to send in my passport, a self stamped envelope and pay for next day delivery at the post office. I was completely stressed out, but as of yesterday i finally received an email, stating that my visa application has been submitted and should be on its way. Talk about a headache. Here it is 7 days before I board my first international flight. I still have packing and planning to do as well as preparation for my boys while i'm away. I believe this trip will change my life and that I will come back a different woman.  I believe everything that ive been through is preparing me for my journy to finding my personal legend and I cant be more excited. Stay tuned for more Blogs on my journey to visit The MotherLand. Love, Divineminded Queen AKA Jennifer Holmes

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